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As a consumer, you are compelled to have your own opinion about email marketing. You might want to ignore or remove all those spammy emails you receive about the latest web design services or the best ways to get rich by investing in cryptocurrency and whatnot. We all know that these emails can get under our skin when we receive tens and hundreds of emails every month. However, as a business owner, you should not, nay, cannot underestimate the power of email marketing (or any marketing method whatsoever).

The public opinion toward email marketing is indeed primarily negative. Still, a smart marketing campaign catered for the right audience is an excellent method to boost sales and establish your brand the way you want. It’s never a bad idea to launch an email marketing campaign, but if you’re still not convinced if it’s worth your time and resources, here are five reasons to launch an email marketing campaign.

1. Sales improvements

Making money is the ultimate goal for every business. So I figured I’d start with the most crucial reason for starting an email marketing campaign. However, there is always a “how” for every “why”. How can email marketing boost sales, and how can you take advantage of that? The answer to the first “how” is as simple as this: you present your products/services to a prospect through emails, and hopefully, they make a purchase. The second one isn’t as simple.

As much as you might want to cave in and buy a course on how to be an expert email marketer by some nobody pretending to be a big shot, you shouldn’t (or you should. Maybe. I don’t know. It’s for you to decide how to spend your money). Because this process involves a ton of trial and error and R&D. You need to know your audience and prospects, and moreover, you need to figure out the best way to present your business and services/products. You might be compelled to try a few different email templates, change your tone and attitude, or even the people on your list. The point is that, if you want those sweet sale numbers to go up, you have to play the long game. It takes time to see the improvement in sales, but it’s worth it in the end.

2. Understanding your audience

As mentioned earlier, trial and error and R&D are essential pillars in email marketing. R&D is a field test. It is basically a tool for you to learn about customer response towards marketing methods in general. On the other hand, trial and error help you learn more about your audience and define the correct way to communicate with them.

While these methods are initially meant to help you be a better email marketer, they can also be great tools to know, understand and communicate with your audience better. Through email marketing, not only you can sell more stuff to your existing customers and make new customers out of prospects, but also you can develop a healthy, personal and productive relationship between yourself and the audience. That is a valuable asset to any businessperson.

3. Improve SEO with email marketing

Email marketing is a simple branch in the enormous digital marketing tree. Obviously, a tree is nothing if it only has one branch. If your only plan in your digital marketing scheme is email marketing, you will probably not see any sale numbers go up. As such, it’s essential to work on other aspects of marketing like SEO, affiliate marketing, phone marketing etc. The more you implement different marketing methods, the more effective they become.

For example, you can invite the customers to write user reviews or check out your social media accounts in your emails. You can also redirect them to your website for more information regarding the proposal you have for them. These are just minor examples because every part of this interconnected tapestry called digital marketing (I know I called it a tree earlier but bear with me) influences the other. If your email marketing scheme works out well, it can also boost your site’s SEO and vice versa.

4. Brand recognition through email marketing

The purpose of branding is to let as many people as you can know about your brand’s existence and establish a connection with them. You can accomplish Both through email marketing. The first part (letting everyone know of your existence) is done simply by introducing yourself and putting your logo and slogan (if you have any) in the email. That’s the easy part. As you might have guessed, it’s not enough to simply be known and recognised. The connection you build with people is of greater importance.

Personalised content (addressing your prospects in a way that they don’t think they are receiving the same email as the others) is a great way to establish a personal connection with the prospect. It’s always better to start the email with “Dear Sam” or something like that rather than “Dear Sir/Madam” or, God forbid, “To Whom It May Concern”. Besides creating personalised emails, it’s always good to have a unique voice for your brand, like Wendy’s on Twitter. This way, your brand can have a personality, and that can lead to more recognition.

5. Low cost, high income

If you can somehow manage to create the campaign in-house and not rely on other companies to do it for you, then bravo! You have successfully started a marketing campaign free of charge. Although you might not have a dedicated team or your staff may not be that skilled in field research or writing letters. That’s fine. Here at Team-X, we can do that for you. The average cost of an email marketing campaign varies based on the company that provides it. It’s never a good idea to give a number in a blog when it surely will change in this economic climate. So it’s best that you ask around and find the right price.

Just remember, whatever the cost of email marketing, it’s almost always worth it. Trust the game.


It’s obvious that email marketing’s benefits are more than the five points we mentioned above. Email marketing and the ways of going about it are vast and plenty. Therefore, one blog can’t explain all of its nuances. If you want to learn more, do your own research or stay tuned for new pieces published by Team-X.