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Why Choose Team-X for Wellington SEO Services?

Occupying the best spot in the market for you

If you own a business in Wellington and want to make some space in the market, Team-X is what you need to add to your business. We know the tricks to take you to the next level of your business and help you outperform your rivals one by one.

Designing a Long-Term Plan for Your Local Business in Wellington

Every business needs a long-term plan to thrive in the local market. With a long-term plan, you will know exactly which direction to take. It will give you the ability to reach your goals faster and control every other aspect of your business. You can use our powerful team expertise to design a very effective long-term plan for your local business. We are with you every step of the way.

Targeting Local Keywords in Sync with Google’s Algorithm

Every business needs to target a specific set of keywords to get ranking results in SERP. Google algorithms rank these keywords based on their search statics. A smart strategy for small businesses is to target local keywords to dominate their surrounding market. At Team-X, we pay special attention to targeting all the local keywords that will provide a boost to your organic search. With Team-X, you will get the best local keywords research done in no time.

Establishing Your Brand as One of the Best in Wellington

A brand is a hard-earned reputation that you will achieve throughout your business. Every business needs a trustworthy brand in today’s ruthless market. The way the public perceives your brand is crucial to your business development. Our experienced SEO Wellington group at Team-x will do everything from logo design to marketing services to make your brand stick in the mind of every Sydneysider.

Most of the business owners in Wellington, give up because they face stiff competition. When you have an SEO optimised website,  you will be able to attract more customers as well as sell your brand.  This will help you in reducing the competition in the market, especially if the other business owners do not have SEO optimised websites.

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Seo Services in Wellington


In the journey of helping your local business rank higher on Google, we offer many services in the field of SEO. Here is a preview of our most essential local SEO services.

On-page SEO

On-page SEO, also called on-site SEO, is a set of activities done on website pages, optimising them for the search engine to get better results at the search engine result page (SERP). These activities include optimised keywords research, image tags, proper title tags, valuable content, implementing internal semantic URLs, and a lot more. On-page SEO, if done right, can boost your website on the search result a lot faster and brings you the conversion rate you want. With our experienced on-page SEO Wellington experts, you will get your pages optimised in no time.

Off-page SEO

Everything done outside the website to enhance your organic traffic results is considered off-page SEO. Activities like solid presence in social media platforms to promote your brand, publishing articles on different sites with the purpose of link building, and mentioning your brand in every possible chance you may get. Backlinks in SEO act as a vote of confidence that informs Google that another website finds your content valuable, hence worthy to link back to. Here at Team-X, we have a link-building Wellington group capable of writing informative content and publishing it on high Authority website.

Local SEO Wellington

While on-page SEO focuses on optimising your website for everyone on the web, local SEO’s main objective is to make your website more visible for a specific location or audience. Local SEO is significantly more critical for small businesses that want to get as many customers in their local area as they can.

Seo Services in Wellington

SEO Services

Team-X is a reputable digital marketing agency delivering expert search engine optimisation for Australian businesses. We offer a range of SEO service plans that can be catered towards your unique business and goals. Each company that we work with is different, which means that we need to take a unique approach to find the right solution. Our specialists will examine your market, current position, and what is required to help you achieve your desired outcome.

Web Design Services

Your clients are online, your business needs to be online. It’s that simple. Build your own professional website for your company, or have your website creation and development taken care of for you. Tell us about your business and leave the rest to us. We’ll find the words and images to tell your story.

Network Services

Starting your own online business? Fantastic! The first thing you need is a website that is hosted on a reliable web host. Choosing the right web hosting company for your website is the most necessary part of your online business. If your website is loading too slowly or is constantly crashing, your potential customers will become frustrated and look elsewhere. At Team-X, you can have access to shared hosting, VPS hosting, and WordPress hosting.

Google Ads Management

 Google Ads are one of the most effective ways of generating high-quality leads.

No matter if you are a new business looking for your first clients, or an established Enterprise looking to turn into an international-sales-machine – Google Ads is the best option.

Suggestion 1Suggestion 2Suggestion 3Suggestion 4
Final Price$604$714$1,154$1,484
Google Analytics
Google Search Console
Google Maps
Crawling Files
URL Optimisation
Keyword Research
Broken Links
Local Citations3668
Guest Posts1 post (700 words)2 posts (1400 words)4 posts (2800 words)6 posts (4200 words)
White Hat Link Building3346
On-Page / Content
Weblog Posts1 posts (1200 words)2 posts (2400 words)3 posts (3600 words)4 posts (4800 words)
Internal Link Building
Content Audit & Edit
Duplicate Content Removal
Reports / Services
SEO Audit
Link Disavow
Monthly Report
Optimisation Package
CSS Optimisation
JS Optimisation
SEO Packages

Team-X SEO Strategies for Auckland-based Businesses

Internal website audit

A website audit thoroughly investigates page performance before any extensive search engine optimisation (SEO) or redesign. This strategy enables us to pinpoint your website’s weaknesses and achieve a better SEO to reach your desired organic traffic. Team-X’s excellent website audit team is very knowledgeable in this regard. We will deliver a robust road map for a complete and effective SEO Sydney that suits your business.

Competitor analysis

Competitors’ analysis is the process of analysing their companies, marketing strategies, websites, social media accounts, and any data you can collect about them. The success of your business partly will depend on whether you have a good understanding of your competitors or not. We offer our customers the best competitors’ analysis that they need to succeed in their business.

Keyword research

Let’s say you own a small clothing store in Wellington. You would probably want to be found on Google by keywords like “ cotton shirt Wellington” because you know that your potential customers most likely use this word in their Google searches. With our thorough keyword research, you can find the best keywords to implement in your content.

Content creation

“Content Is King”. We all know it, but does anyone actually take it seriously? Well, the writers at Team-X definitely do! A website with poor content is doomed to fail. We will create the most engaging and search-engine-friendly blogs possible.

On-page optimisation

Next stop on our journey is on-page optimisation. It entails everything that’s done on the surface level of your web pages in order to improve on their certain aspect. Aspects like the Google Search Console analysis, implementing the right keywords in certain places and many more.

Link building

One of the most essential parts of SEO. While linking back from other websites will gradually raise your Google rankings, it isn’t enough by itself. With the help of our researchers and bloggers, we will guarantee backlinks on eligible weblogs that generate organic traffic to your website.

On-going content marketing

There are many with which we can engage your customers with your products and services. By implementing different tactics on your web pages, we will expand your brand’s exposure.

Monthly reporting

As mentioned before, we will not leave you in the dark. We are obligated to keep you up with the process and inform you of your strengths and weaknesses through monthly reports.

Team-X SEO Strategies for Wellington-based Businesses

SEO for sports websites

SEO for sports websites

Do you have a cool sport-related website? If so, we can help you reach your true potential and reap the rewards with our thorough search engine optimisation. Every sports website needs a blog page and valuable content to go with that. With Team-X, we can guarantee you a very diverse system of content creation for your readers to enjoy. All you need to do is give us a call. The future is yours.

SEO services for home improvement businesses

SEO services for home improvement businesses

the home improvement niche is one of the most exciting SEO projects we have worked on ever since we built our company. The keyword research for this niche requires someone with sufficient experience in SEO and keywords research related to home improvement. You can take advantage of our expert team to climb the ladder and get to the top of the search engine result page.

SEO for beauty salons

SEO for beauty salons

A beauty salons’ websites need a very appealing design but that’s not the only recipe you need to accomplish your goals online. Our technical Web design and SEO teams will help you structure your web pages with all the different categories that a typical beauty salon website has. We will transform your website navigation and make surfing through its different pages feel like a breeze.

SEO for healthcare businesses

SEO for healthcare businesses

A healthcare website’s first priority is to deliver authentic information. We can help you create informative health-related content to propel your readers to come for more. You could also take advantage of our knowledgeable site speed optimisation Wellington experts; You will for sure have snappy web pages when we’re done with your website.

SEO for dating websites

SEO for dating websites

Dating and meeting websites abound in Wellington, and most of them are not SEO friendly. This is your chance to get the upper hand. With Team-X, we can build a very pleasing website that follows the latest SEO trends implemented today. We offer a variety of services that are crucial for your success.

SEO for Lawyers and Law Firms

SEO for Lawyers and Law Firms

There are too many law firm websites out there that lack taste. The user experience is practically nonexistent, and navigating through its web pages is difficult. Our experienced group at Team-X can do an excellent job designing and optimising your law firm website in a way that will get you at top of Google search engine result page in Wellington in no time.