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Why Choose Team-x for Darwin Seo Services?

Experts in local SEO

Let’s say you are in Stuart Park looking to order some fast food. Googling “Fast food delivery” will show you a list of locations in that area. That is the power of local SEO. With the recent growth in mobile internet users, mobile search has had an enormous rise, so local SEO has become extremely important for the success of any business that offers local products or services. As experienced SEO professionals, we will ensure your Darwin-based business gets the growth it deserves.

Legitimate SEO techniques

We believe in achieving SEO goals through legitimate and white-hat tactics. As the best SEO agency in Darwin, Team-X avoids all unethical methods. There are promises of fast SEO results out there that are done through bad and disapproved SEO practices, but these can have devastating results for businesses and their websites.

Professionals in marketing

Our extensive experience in the field of digital marketing and working with many companies in different niches, has allowed us to become a trustable name for businesses looking to boost their growth.

Best prices in Darwin

Team-X has been known for its competitive and fair prices. We believe everyone should have the ability to market and grow their business based on their budget, so we offer our services at prices that allow most companies to work with us.

Team-X offers services in many Australian cities, including Local SEO services in Darwin. Darwin is the capital of the Northern Territory, with a population of about 150000 is home to the majority of residents in the Northern Territory. Tourism being one of the largest industries in Darwin, makes it a great source of income for business owners. In 2005–2006 over a million people visited the Northern Territory and spent over $1.5 billion. All this should make you prioritise your local SEO in Darwin to make the best out of the available opportunities. One of the most important areas to work on when trying to improve your business’s visibility locally is Local search engine optimisation, which includes Google My Business as well. Any business that has a physical location or works within a geographic area can benefit from Local SEO.


Seo Services in Darwin


If you’re a business owner in Darwin and looking to grow your business online, you are at the right place. We are the best SEO agency in Darwin, and we are dedicated to helping you achieve your business goals and move past your competition. Team-X is currently offering Darwin’s best web and SEO services, so if you are interested, contact us right away!

On-page SEO

On-page SEO helps Google get a better understanding of your website. This process involves optimising web pages for target keywords to increase site traffic and achieve a better SEO ranking. Some of the technical practices and ways we work on your on-page SEO are:

    • Optimising title and heading tags
    • Optimising URL structure
    • Optimising image files
    • Decreasing loading time
    • Mobile-friendliness
    • Optimising page content
    • Internal Linking
    • Improving page experience

Off-page SEO

Everything done outside of your website to impact your SEO ranking is referred to as Off-page SEO. We work on both on-page and off-page SEO to get balanced and practical results. Off-page SEO involves improving the perception of search engines and internet users of a site. The most powerful tool in our off-page SEO arsenal is link building which includes:

      • Strategic guest posting
      • Brand mentions on authority sites
      • Content Marketing
      • Forum posting

Local SEO in Darwin

Before you decide to improve your local SEO in Darwin, you should first understand what local SEO is. When you type a search query into Google, it checks various ranking factors, such as how relevant your website is to return a list of sites that match your search. Google uses different methods to rank thousands of sites in the blink of an eye, and it looks at on-site and off-site factors to determine which ones have the best answer to your search query, which it then lists at the top of the search results. Improving your SEO affects your site’s prominence, relevancy, and link popularity. Google’s local search has a proximity factor, which basically means that it takes your location into account when you search for a local keyword. This happens when the searcher hasn’t included a city name or phrases like “near me” in their search.

Team-X, the most up-to-date SEO company in Darwin

SEO Services

Here at Team-X, we offer Darwin’s best local SEO services to set you apart from your competition. By optimising your website to meet all the standards that Google is looking for, we make sure your website is shown in top results when customers search for your services in the beautiful city of Darwin. Improving SEO can be a time-consuming and delicate process, and if you are looking for SEO services in Darwin, we are here to assist you with all your needs.

Web Design Services

Our team of elite web designers and developers can make websites for your business that not only look good, but are also functional and aligned with your goals. Websites can make strong first impressions and affect people’s decisions when making purchases from a business. That is why the websites we create have all the right foundations and building blocks for becoming successful.

Network Services

Our network services are of the highest quality and include domain and hosting services. A website cannot run without these two elements, so it’s important that you choose the right web hosting provider. Our hosting offers these three main features:

    • Domain: Giving you the option to choose a unique domain name for your website.
    • Server: Your site will be hosted on our servers so that it can get accessed through the internet
    • Storage Space: All the files in your website and its code will require space so they can be stored. Team-X offers dedicated storage space at a great cost.

Google Ads Management

PPC advertising can be a high-risk/high-reward task, but with the right people like our experts at Team-X, you can head into this marketing path with much more confidence. We specialise in Google Ads, which is currently one of the most used and prominent types of PPC.
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Google Analytics
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Google Maps
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URL Optimisation
Keyword Research
Broken Links
Local Citations3668
Guest Posts1 post (700 words)2 posts (1400 words)4 posts (2800 words)6 posts (4200 words)
White Hat Link Building3346
On-Page / Content
Weblog Posts1 posts (1200 words)2 posts (2400 words)3 posts (3600 words)4 posts (4800 words)
Internal Link Building
Content Audit & Edit
Duplicate Content Removal
Reports / Services
SEO Audit
Link Disavow
Monthly Report
Optimisation Package
CSS Optimisation
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SEO Packages

Team-X SEO Strategies for Auckland-based Businesses

Internal website audit

This process involves a thorough analysis of your website and everything that affects its SEO ranking. We will find areas that need improvement. Loading speed, uniqueness of content, and links are all things that get audited by our experts.

Competitor analysis

Competition causes growth in every business. Competitor analysis will reveal details about your competitors’ SEO strategies, which we can use to improve your site. Since your rivals operate in the same business field as you, it’s probable that their methods can benefit you as well.

Keyword research

Words and phrases in your web content that let users find your site through search engines are called keywords. Let’s say you have a store that sells bikes, and a user searches for “BMX Bikes”, if your site shows up on the first page of Google, it lets you know that your website has been optimised for that keyword. Doing the research to find the appropriate keywords for your business is essential and helps your site rank well for those specific keywords.

Content creation

Content is the lifeblood of any successful website. If you don’t have good content on your site, you can’t expect to rank on any search engines. At Team-X, not only do we create content, but we create content that is high quality and optimised to make sure your site ranks for your target keywords and shows up in Google search results.

On-page optimisation

Another one of our SEO strategies is on-page optimisation for web page content. Here are some of the things that optimised content helps you achieve:

    • Improved UX
    • Lower bounce rate
    • Increased loading speed
    • Improved CTR

Link building

Link building plays a significant role in our link building services. Link building will help make your new pages more discoverable for search engines and determines which ones should have a higher ranking. We are proud of using white-hat SEO techniques and creating relevant, high-quality backlinks that actually help businesses get noticed by Google.

On-going content marketing

An important thing to keep in mind about SEO is that it is an ongoing process; that is why consistent content creation is key to maintaining your presence in search engine results. Optimised and quality content will lead to a higher DA and the improvement of your SEO ranking for target keywords.

Monthly reporting

We pride ourselves on being truthful and sincere about our work, and that is why giving thorough monthly reports to our clients is a big priority to us.

SEO services for different businesses

SEO for sports websites

SEO for sports websites

Are you in the sports field and want to drive more visitors to your site? Or maybe you’re a personal trainer in Darwin, and you’re looking to get more clients through your website? Team-X is here to answer your needs.

SEO services for home improvement businesses

SEO services for home improvement businesses

Whether you are a handyman, electrician or plumber in Darwin, we can make sure your website attracts the potential local customers that you are looking for. Through the power of local SEO, we will make sure your business is easily findable by people looking for your services in your area of service.

SEO for beauty salons

SEO for beauty salons

As beauty specialists working in the city of Darwin, your website showing up in local search must be a priority. Since beauty salons have physical locations, factors such as proximity and relevancy come into play which are all part of local SEO. Our SEO tactics and strategies can help your salon or parlour move past all its local competitors.

SEO for healthcare businesses

SEO for healthcare businesses

As healthcare is a huge part of our lives, it can cause a lot of competition among the businesses that operate in this field. If you are a doctor, surgeon or have a medical practice in Darwin, you will greatly benefit from focusing on your SEO. Our Medical SEO services are top of the line and will drive patients looking for your services online to your business.

SEO for dating websites

SEO for dating websites

Dating and love are some of the most sought-after topics in 2022. With the spread of covid and the challenges of meeting people in real life, online dating became the only possible option for many people. This situation increased the competition between dating websites, and if you have a dating website in Darwin, you can definitely relate to this. SEO for dating sites requires special attention and planning that Team-X can do to make your website the go-to spot for single people.

SEO for Lawyers and Law Firms

SEO for Lawyers and Law Firms

If your law firm is having problems attracting online clients, then it might be time to take a good look at your website. Are you aware of the importance of SEO for law firms? A 2019 study showed that half of the clients use Google to search for lawyers and law firms, which is a big number to miss out on. Our law firm SEO strategies put you at the top for all Darwin residents requiring lawyers and attorneys.