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Among meta tags, meta descriptions are very important. The meta description tag actually provides a summary of the site’s content that is hidden from visitors and is only used to better understand search engines.


A meta description is a section of HTML that provides a summary of your web page content and activity to search engines.

As explained in the on-page SEO article, HTML is the search engine’s view of pages and sites, and because of this, meta descriptions are not visible to users.

In the past, meta descriptions played an important role in your ranking of search engine results.

however, Google announced that this tag have no direct effect on site rankings.

In our opinion meta descriptions indirectly affect your ranking in Google, we will examine why in the following


this tag is used only for a better understanding of search engines. Search engines such as Google often display meta descriptions in search results. It can affect the number of visits to the site.

When your site is shown to users among many other pages in Google search results, what is visible is this tag and page title.

these two factors help users choose the best result and can also encourage them to visit your site.

For example, if you are looking for the latest model of Apple phone and if you see a page that includes the price among the results of the meta description, you will most likely prefer that this site to other options

The Effects of Meta Description on SEO

Meta descriptions in on-page SEO are very important because as a showcase for your site business, the more attractive word or details in this showcase encouraged more people to see the content inside your site.

Every time a page of your site appears in Google search results, an impression has actually occurred and when the user clicks on this result, you will be considered a Click.

The number of clicks relative to the display or click-through rate (CTR) of your site on the Google search results page will have a great impact on your ranking in Google.

The higher CTR of your site pages shows that you have a good position in Google rankings.

It shows the importance of this tag.

How to write a good meta description?

Using attractive and relevant descriptions about your business

 the meta description should be more attracts visitors to your site than the other competitors.

So, put the different and specialized information about your business along with the related keywords in this tag.

For example, if your selling plane tickets, the passengers are usually looking for the cheapest plane ticket.

by using such a phrase in the meta description can increase the chances of selection and click by the user.

Do not use math characters

Search engines recognize characters such as” +, – and “as HTML code.

If you use these letters in this tag, Google may recognize it as code and ignore it. You should use simple texts to optimize the meta description.

Using keywords

There is no limitation on the use of keywords but It is recommended that do not use more than one or two keywords in it.

The keywords in this tag will be displayed in bold on the Google results page, and this will help to attract more visitors.

Using unique meta description 

The meta description should be different on all pages.

Different meta descriptions for two pages will provide a better user experience (UX).

it is not possible to put the same meta description for two pages or more because their content is different so it does not make sense that has the same meta description


In a meta description, there is no limit to the number of characters, but Google only shows 150 to 170 characters on your site’s meta description on the results page.

 Optimize them by putting your keywords at the beginning. If your text is more than the standard Google, only displayed the beginning of them and then placed “…” at the end of it.