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What is E-commerce?
E-commerce (AKA electronic commerce or internet commerce) can actually be defined as the buying and selling of various goods and services via an online sales portal and the transfer of money through an electronic network, primarily the Internet. In fact, the online store is a website whose products and services are categorised. By clicking on each product or service, you can view all the information and features of that product and add it to your shopping cart if necessary. Nowadays, many business owners, instead of relying on traditional methods, use e-commerce to sell their goods and services online. Companies are no longer geographically restricted. E-commerce allow them to sell their products globally. They can make purchases simpler, faster, and less time-consuming
Some examples of e-commerce companies are:
What is E-commerce?
Different Types of E-commerce



In this type of e-commerce, transaction occurs between a manufacturer and wholesaler, or a wholesaler and a retailer through an online sale platform. For example, tires and batteries are manufactured by different companies and sold to automobile manufacturers in a straight manner. Manufacturers, wholesalers, and distributors use B2B e-commerce website to extend customer reach and drive more profit for their business. Chinese-based Alibaba is one of the best B2B examples in e-commerce.



B2C e-commerce is a type of trade relations in which transaction occurs between a business and consumers. Companies that sell products directly to consumers are known as B2C companies.



In this type of e-commerce both sellers and buyers are consumers, not businesses. They can easily sell and buy via the Internet by charging a small commission. Amazon is an outstanding example of C2C e-commerce site.



Through C2B e-commerce platform, customers or consumers use their blog or social media to link back to a product sold on the company’s e-commerce website, hence accelerating the sale and being financially rewarded for doing so.

Low Cost: In many cases
, it costs less to start an e-commerce business since you don’t need to rent or buy a physical store.

High Speed: While the speed of shopping in physical stores is affected by human factors, on online stores you will be able to complete your shopping process in just a few seconds.

Customer Data Insights: It is very easy to collect and measure customers’ data and act on them.

Wider Customer Base: E-commerce makes geographical boundaries become unimportant. You could sell your products across the globe.

Always Open: Your business will be open 24/7/365 and the sales process is always flowing and customers can shop at any time.

The Benefits of Setting up Your Online Store Platform:e
The Benefits of Setting up Your Online Store Platform:e
What We Offer

The most important step in creating an online store is choosing the best e-commerce platform that will meet all your business needs. Our specialists at Team-X will help you choose the most appropriate platform and modules according to your business needs. Here are some modules to choose from:

Product & Orders

Payments & Shipping

Store Management

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) & Analytics

Sales Channels Integration

E-Commerce Modules

Each module contains some features as shown below:

Product & Orders

  • Products Listing
  • Quick / Advance Search
  • Product Categories
  • Product Options
  • Portfolio and Bundles
  • Order Limits
  • Multi-Vendor
  • Digital Downloads
  • Pre-Orders
  • Wait List
  • Store Categories
  • Auctions
  • Private Store
  • Dynamic Priving

Shopping Cart & Checkout

  • Confirmation message
  • Anti-fraud
  • Collect donations
  • Checkout editor
  • Express Checkout
  • Quotes
  • Tax Calculation
  • Up-sell and add-ons
  • PDF invoice

Payments & Shipping

  • Debit and Credit cards
  • Subscriptions
  • Deposits
  • Buy now Pay later
  • Banks gateway
  • Stripe o PayPal
  • Amazon Pay
  • Apple Pay
  • Google Pay
  • Australia Post
  • New Zealand Post
  • Delivery
  • Click & Collect

Store Management

  • Manager Dashboard
  • XERO integration
  • MYOB integration
  • Customers Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Orders tracking
  • Pricing
  • Sales & discounts
  • Bulk edit

Product & Orders

  • Live chat
  • Help Desk
  • Google Analytics
  • Follow-ups
  • Loyalty rewards
  • Birthday gifts
  • Products review
  • Gift cards
  • Product Addons
  • Return & Warranty
  • Refund
  • Lottery

Product & Orders

  • Amazon
  • ebay
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
Web packages
Final PriceFrom $67.50/mFrom $94.17/mFrom $367.08/m
WooCommerce Standard Inclusions
Professional Graphic Design
Customised WordPress Design
Template Design
Setting Up Basic Pages (Home Page, About Us, Contact Us)
Responsive Design
Content Management
Google Maps Registration
Creating Professional E-mail Address
Setting Up Email Notifications
Page Builder
Site Slider
Improving Page Cacheability
Applying Unlimited Modules and Functions
Fully Customised Design
Blocking Brute Force Attacks
Preventing SQL Injection Attacks
Server Security
Login Security
Activating SSL Certificate
Setting Up reCAPTCHA
Logo Design
Banner Design
Photo Gallery
Video Gallery
About Team
About Clients
Service Page
Comments Management
Work Samples Page
Creating User Panel
Creating Admin Panel
Setting Up Authority Levels For Admins and Users
Roles and Permissions Management(In Admin/User Panel)
Reports Management(In Admin/User Panel)
WordPress Plugins
Customised WordPress Plugins
Fully Customised Design
Advanced Search
Shopping Cart
Shipping Module Configuration
Paypal / Bank Transfer Module Configuration
Additional Payment Module
Delivery Status Notification E-mails (Customisable) Configuration
Special Offers on Main Page
New Products on Main Page
Sending Mass SMS
Inventory Management
Products Management
Your Expected Structures
PHP, and Laravel Frameworks
In line With Your Business Needs
Optimising Home Page Heading Tags
Optimising Home page Meta Descriptions
Including and Optimising Alt Tags
Site Map
Google Search Console
Google Analytics
Database Optimisation
Home Page Keyword Optimisation
SEO-Friendly Rich Snippets
SEO Schema
Optimising Site Speed
  • GZIP Compression
  • JS&CSS Files Compression
  • Lazy Load
  • GZIP Compression
  • JS&CSS Files Compression
  • Lazy Load
  • Defer
  • Pre-load
  • GZIP Compression
  • JS&CSS Files Compression
  • Lazy Load
  • Defer
  • Pre-load
  • Real Time Dom
Link Management
1 year Free
Web Hosting
SSL Certificate
Domain Privacy
Premium DNS
Domain Listing
Email Hosting
Best For
  • Start-ups
  • Low-budget Businesses
  • Early-result Seekers
  • Start-ups
  • Service or Market Expansion Strategies
  • Unique Design
  • Dedicated Services to Customers
  • High Traffic Websites
  • High Speed Seekers
  • Competitive Businesses
  • Top Market Businesses
24-month Planfrom $67.50/mfrom $94.17/mfrom $367.08/m
12-month Planfrom $121.58/mfrom $174.92/mfrom $720.75/m
Min.Total Costfrom $1460from $2100.00from $8650.00