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Why Choose Team-X for Perth SEO Services?

Offering Outstanding SEO Services

If you want to introduce your business to everyone in Perth, having a nice, well-optimised website is necessary. Our team of SEO experts are committed to accelerating your business growth by providing the best SEO services here in Perth. The SEO results we deliver are of great quality, and we do our best to bring you the best results.

Creating the best plan based on your desired timing and budget

Good work requires extensive research and well-thought planning. By thoroughly investigating your desired timing and budget, we will develop a detailed, realistic plan. The last step will be applying a set of on-page and off-page techniques to promote your website and set it to appear on the top of search results for Perth-based searches.

Making your business a leading one in Perth

If your product/service is of high quality, then it’s up to us to promote it and help it reach its full potential by designing a perfect website for you and optimising it for search engines. Team-X ties you with those businesses which need your services and helps you get the upper hand in the market.

Fair Pricing Policy

Our primary intention is to help promote your Perth-based business and we will do this at the best price you can find in Perth. Years of working with local businesses have taught us that setting fair prices ends in long-term collaboration and higher costumers satisfaction.

Having the greatest number of self-made millionaires in the world, Perth is a perfect place for business entrepreneurs as well. Over 2.1 million people live in Perth. Considering the number of tourists who visit our city and immigrants who settle in Australia each year, one can justify the ever-growing competition among businesses to get as many customers as they can. Team-X Cyber Solution can come to your aid and help you outperform your business rivals. Applying the best SEO services to your business, Team-X will give you the exposure you need to attract the ideal number of customers you need.


Seo Services in Perth


Our SEO packages in Perth cover three major sections, and each section includes several phases. Here is a summary of services we provide you with so that you can have a highly SEO-friendly website to experience a successful online presence of your business.

On-page SEO

One aspect of our work is to improve your website so that it is ranked high by Google. Being ranked by Google is essential because the higher your rank, the higher the chances you appear on the first page of Google. To achieve this, your website must have:

    • Quality content with related keywords
    • Proper page titles and page URLs
    • Inclusive meta descriptions and image-Alt texts
    • Strong Schema markup
    • Propper loading speed
    • Mobile-friendly features
    • Internal links

Off-page SEO

Your site’s SEO ranking is affected by what it contains (on page) and how much credit it receives from other websites(off-page). More credit here means more backlinks from other websites to your website. The off-page services we provide you with include:

    • Brand mentions
    • Content Marketing & link building
    • Guest posting
    • Newsletters
    • Social networking

Local SEO Sydney

To bring more traffic to your website, you need to optimise it for local searches. This means that your website should be organised in such a way that those living in Perth are directed to your website more often than those living in other, more distant cities. Some of our Perth local SEO services include:

    • Listing you in Google My Business
    • Updating your (NAPW)
    • Local citations
    • Enriching your content with locally targeted keywords
    • Connecting you to related local businesses

Team-X, An outstanding SEO in Perth

SEO Services

You always want your website to be seen on the first page of Google. To achieve this, we take several measures. First, we analyse your website and assess its on-page and off-page strength. Then, we begin optimising all sections of your website. After making sure that your website is in line with Google’s algorithm, we embark on increasing your website credibility via link building, citing your business permanently and creating the best content for your website.

Web Design Services

Having a website optimised for search engines is one thing. Having an eye-catching website with a well-organised structure is something totally different. Our team of web design experts create a user-friendly website for you that loads in no time, is optimised for voice search, and has plenty of other options that leave an incredible impression on your viewers. The end result would be a higher dwell time and a greater conversion rate.

Network Services

Choosing the best domain name for your website requires some care and delicacy. Every website needs a domain and host. It is also important to have a strong web hosting in Perth. With Team-X, you can have both at the best price. We will analyse and select the best domain name for your business and provide you with a strong hosting service with perfect uptime and speed.

Google Ads Management

If you want to promote your website quickly, it’s better to use several traffic sources. SEO results in organic traffic to your website; however, it takes some time before you see the result. If you are pressed for time, you can try Google Ads. Pay Per Click (PPC) brings more traffic to your website in no time. With PPC, you get instant results provided that it is done correctly. As a business manager, you may not have enough time to set up everything, manage your Ads, take care of your CTR, etc. But worry not. Team-X professionals can choose the right platform for you, design and manage your Ads, and do whatever it takes to make your Ads appear in the right place and to the right user.
Suggestion 1Suggestion 2Suggestion 3Suggestion 4
Final Price$604$714$1,154$1,484
Google Analytics
Google Search Console
Google Maps
Crawling Files
URL Optimisation
Keyword Research
Broken Links
Local Citations3668
Guest Posts1 post (700 words)2 posts (1400 words)4 posts (2800 words)6 posts (4200 words)
White Hat Link Building3346
On-Page / Content
Weblog Posts1 posts (1200 words)2 posts (2400 words)3 posts (3600 words)4 posts (4800 words)
Internal Link Building
Content Audit & Edit
Duplicate Content Removal
Reports / Services
SEO Audit
Link Disavow
Monthly Report
Optimisation Package
CSS Optimisation
JS Optimisation
SEO Packages

Team-X SEO strategies for Perth-based businesses

Internal website audit

In order to deliver the best organic SEO Perth-related results, we begin with auditing your website. First of all, we will remove whatever is unneeded (broken links, uninteresting/unoriginal content, low-quality media, etc.) and apply the necessary modifications to improve your website’s visibility and accessibility, such as loading speed and URL encoding. Then, our web design experts give an attractive look to your website so that those visiting it notice some order and tranquillity.

Competitor analysis

We can safely say that you’ve got a couple of rivals around you regardless of your business. One part of our work is to analyse them to see if they have had any of your challenges and how they have tackled them. However, this does not mean that you are going to copy them. You have your specific situation and therefore cannot get the same result by doing the same thing as your competitors have. Nonetheless, studying your business rivals gives our team of experts some insights into how you can get the most out of your situation.

Keyword research

Keyword research is crucial in improving your website and bringing more customers to you. You can use many keywords when writing content for your pages, and our experts know the techniques to detect which keywords must be preferred over the others. This leads to having the most SEO-Friendly content on your website, which means search engines suggest your pages to net users every time they search for something relevant to your services.

Content creation

The content that you create should have some features. It should appeal to your readership, be highly informative and relevant to their daily concerns, and add to their knowledge/information. As Team-X is endowed with a group of highly professional content developers, you don’t need to worry all the time about what to write and how to write it. Our writers are constantly surfing the net to come up with interesting topics related to various businesses to write the most engaging content for your website.

On-page optimisation

Being ranked high by google requires having an optimised website. Everything must be done with great care, from URLs and title tags to keyword selection and content setup. Luckily, Perth-based websites can rest assured that their website never suffers a poorly done on-page optimisation as we know the nuts and bolts of our business and deliver the best SEO Perth-related services.

Link building

Another critical factor in getting organic traffic is link building done with perfect quality at Team-X. We stick to white-hat techniques when building links as we know it directly affects your being ranked high in SERPs. Our link building process includes topic selection, a thorough search to come up with the most relevant and engaging content, and keyword insertion, which is done based on keyword frequency, impression, and position. Last but not least, we do not put your link in just any blog/website. We have our metrics and prioritise those websites that run significant traffic and have many viewers who constantly read about stuff related to your business.

On-going content marketing

Team-X writers are trained to go soft on the audience and not bore them with commercial stuff. Apart from writing about your business, we also provide content that appeals to people who may not be interested in your services but are concerned with something which is, in fact, related to things you do. Here we connect what you offer to what they are looking for and let them decide for themselves. How do they decide? We lead them to your website, which has already been prepared for them. This is a clever way to get the attention of those who do not take the slightest interest in your business and inform them how your services can be the solution to their problems.

Monthly reporting

When you reach out and put your trust in us, it is our duty to take full responsibility for your website and promote it. Every month, we report changes applied to your website and a detailed description of the results obtained. There can also be a monthly meeting to discuss future plans and permits.

Team-X SEO Strategies for Auckland-based Businesses

SEO for sports websites

SEO for sports websites

Whether you sell sports-related equipment/ supplements in Perth and wish to increase your sales or run a sports club and need more people to come to you, we can help you out. We will write about your services and let everyone in Perth know what they can get from you. With exceptional services offered at Team-X, your sports website will always remain on the top of search results for sports-related searches in Perth.

SEO services for home improvement businesses

SEO services for home improvement businesses

Suppose your business is related to home and home improvement. In that case, you certainly need to consider a website optimised for search engines. Team-X offers outstanding SEO services, which you can’t find anywhere in Perth with the same quality and price. Locksmiths, plumbers, electricians, painters, and many others dealing with anything related to home can count on us and rest assured that we will bring them lots of customers from across Perth.

SEO for beauty salons

SEO for beauty salons

Starting a new business is always challenging, especially with beauty salons, as people are overly concerned with how they look. Also, everyone has already got someone to see for their appearance. However, we will make the search engines suggest you as the first centre whenever Perth Settlers search for something related to your beauty services. Take our word. It’s not about location or pricing. It’s all about who Google suggests, and our SEO services in Perth will make Google your best friend.

SEO for healthcare businesses

SEO for healthcare businesses

The chances are that 1 out of 5 people reading this page follows a doctor or dentist on Instagram or other social networking sites. It is less probable that 1 out of 10 healthcare businesses looks upon SEO as a means of gaining more profit. Many businesses don’t realise how effective SEO is and stick to the traditional ways of finding customers. If you run a healthcare centre in Perth and think about changing your career, try our SEO services for a while, you will see it is a lifetime experience.

SEO for dating websites

SEO for dating websites

Your dating website in Perth may not get any place on the first page of Google if it is not optimised for search engines and has low link relevancy. Our SEO agency in Perth can optimise your dating website and connect it to authority websites that are viewed by love-seekers all the time. The result is having high link relevancy, which ensures more online visibility of your website.

SEO for Lawyers and Law Firms

SEO for Lawyers and Law Firms

If you are a young lawyer trying to get more clients or run a law firm and wish to be recognised all over Perth, we can help you pursue your goals. We will manage your personal/ business blog for you and make it a reliable source of law-related issues. Those needing lawyers will see your blog on the first page of Google and reach out to you to discuss their problems. The most successful lawyers and law firms have already recognised the value of SEO and have more clients now.

Car wash

SEO for Car Wash Owners

“ Best car wash in Perth” search this online. You will see how clever car wash owners make their name stand out. Keep looking, and you will notice that your car wash centre is not listed there. Why? Because you ignore Local SEO, and Google, in return, ignores you. Every business depends on the internet now, and your car wash business is no exception. Our local SEO Perth service is the only thing you need. Reach out today, and in a month, you’ll see your name among the best car wash centres in Perth.