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The Internet is the largest system ever designed, built, and implemented by humans. Before the 1960s, there was no such thing as a personal computer, and only organizations, universities, and government centres used big computer systems called Mainframes. Each of them stored specific information and when needed they would transmit or share the necessary information by establishing a connection. In this article we will talk about:

  • The History of the Internet
  • The Definition of the Internet
  • The usage of the internet

The History of the Internet

The goal of the united states was to build an interconnected computer network with the United Kingdom and France international collaboration. In the 1960s, the Internet was funded by the US Department of Defense’s Advanced Research Projects Agency in Washington, D.C. Rabil Tyler, one of the pioneers in the construction of the Internet, had three computers in his office. He had connected each of them to several projects in Massachusetts, Los Angeles, and Menlo Park. He had the problem of not being able to connect directly so he found the resolution in October 1969 and it became the first computer network called ARPANET.

The Definition

In general, we use the World Wide Web (WWW) system to connect computer networks. The World Wide Web is a collection of computer networks that use special rules and protocols called TCP / IP over satellite, telephone lines. Etc. which are connected to transfer information and data quickly from one computer to another anywhere in the world.

The Usage

In recent decades by fundamental changes, the internet has now become one of the most important and essential human needs. As a reason for need and popularity, we can mention its borderlessness and universal access. All generations use the word of internet every day and are well aware of the necessity of it. But which Internet use has made it the most urgent need today?

Easy Access to Information and Communication

Finding the sources in need in the shortest amount of time is a great advantage for researchers and students. Easy access to sources and information by searching in browsers is the first and most common usage of the Internet. Apart from scientific and research purposes, the Internet allows users to easily communicate with each other through social media.

Imagine life before the invention of the internet. In order to send a new photo of your child to your parents in another country, you had to go to the post office. The process of sending it according to distance and postal rules took one or several days or even several weeks. Today, by using e-mails or social networks, it is possible to send or receive letters, photos, videos in a fraction of a second.

Saving Time

These days people know about the importance of time and they prefer to invest their time on more important tasks. Video calls are replaced with many unnecessary trips, both in terms of family and relationships and in terms of work and profession. It helps us save a lot of money and time.

Online Shopping

This type of shopping has become a great advantage for many consumers. Online stores allow users to easily compare the features and prices of products at any time and place and finally, you can purchase the best option, online. This has turned the shopping process into a safe, convenient and fast one.

Online Banking

Online banking, internet banking, or web banking is another usage of the internet. People spent a lot of time in the queue of banks, which adds to spending time, spent a lot of money on transportation and it can cause traffic and using cash could spread diseases, the Covid-19 taught us an important lesson here. Online banking is an electronic payment system. Nowadays with the increasing development of the Internet world, we are now witnessing the purchase and exchange of digital currencies.

Online Libraries

The use of electronic libraries provides access to unlimited information and materials from anywhere on the planet. These libraries have been created to make it easier for users to access content, eliminate the need for attendance, and save on paper and printing costs.

Digital Marketing

With the development of the Internet and globalization of it, the best action for advertising in the present is the use of digital marketing. Digital marketing helps companies and organizations to expose their services and products to potential customers through popular websites. There’s also search engine optimization that will help digital marketers make sales!