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SEO local strategies are critical for law firms because many potential clients begin their search for an attorney by typing local terms into a search engine and considering only the first few results they see. If your firm is not near the top of search engine results, you are far less likely to be noticed, regardless of how good your firm is.

Because potential clients are looking for not only the right lawyer but also the right lawyer near them, law firms must focus on local SEO strategies. When people go on vacation, they may be willing to travel, and if they order a product online, it makes no difference how close the seller is. However, when it comes to a service based on local laws and customs, and where in-office visits are likely, prospective clients prefer local options. As a result, your company must invest in local SEO efforts.

What is law firm local SEO?

Local SEO is a subcategory of search engine optimisation that focuses on local SERP features such as the Local Pack. When Google determines that a search query has location-based intent, these features appear at the top of the page, often alongside a map.

Organic search focuses on the results that appear below ads and on the SERP features. However, in order to help your local SEO efforts, you must also bring a local mindset to your organic results.

Local Pack results are likely to appear when someone searches for a service in their area or uses localised search terms such as [best lawyer in Brisbane].

Because most law firms serve clients in a specific geographic area, local SEO is critical for them. Unless you serve clients across the country, you’ll most likely only want leads from people in your county, city, or state. Furthermore, ranking for localised keywords is less competitive than ranking for broad keywords. Fewer people may be looking for a [Dallas criminal lawyer]. However, fewer law firms will be attempting to rank for that term compared to the [best criminal lawyer].

Why should law firms optimise for local SEO?

If your law firm ranks highly for local SEO queries, you will reach a large number of new prospective clients. They’ll find your law firm on Google Maps. According to studies, Map Packs earn over 44% of total clicks for any query, making it a highly sought-after position. And you can appear in any number of relevant local search results, providing you with an endless supply of high-quality leads.

Google My Business Profile

While many law, firms are eager to focus on their website in order to improve their performance in local searches, they overlook one of the most critical steps: creating a complete Google Business Profile. This feature, formerly known as Google My Business, enables you to list your business data so that it can be ranked on Google Maps. Businesses that show up in the local pack and local finder are selected based on their Google Business Profile, not their website.

By devoting a small amount of time to creating a full Google Business Profile, you provide your company with an additional opportunity for visibility that your competitors may have overlooked. The Google Business Profile also enables your company to collect and display reviews from previous clients, which can be extremely influential. People select law firms in the same way they select restaurants: they look for those with a high number of positive reviews.

Posting on GMB

Your Google My Business profile should also include regularly updated posts and information about your law firm. On your GMB profile, you can share everything that you believe is important to your client persona. First and foremost, company updates should be posted there. Changes to your team, location, hours and even awards are all part of this. It can also be used to establish yourself as a thought leader. Searchers will perceive you as highly competent if you share quality content directly on your GMB profile.

Locally based content

Many prospective clients only look for a law firm when confronted with a legal problem they would rather ignore. They frequently put off dealing with a problem until the last minute, and when they do, they want to find help nearby.

Someone who has separated from their spouse may know they should have custody or a financial agreement. Alternatively, someone facing a court date for reckless driving may decide they need to hire a defense attorney. They will most likely look up “divorce lawyer near me” or “traffic lawyer in Town X.” Simply including local place names in a law firm’s content can help it rank higher in localised searches. However, because this is not a novel strategy, it is critical not to overdo the geographical references. Not only will the writing appear clunky and unnatural, but it may also make the site appear less valuable to search engines.

Dedicating practice area pages and blogs to topics of specific local interest is an excellent way to add content online on your law firm’s website. Content with informative value and a local connection can signal to a search engine that your website is an authentic source that can be useful to users, causing your site to rank top of the search results.

Social media presence

Use social media to promote your business.  As time passes, social media becomes increasingly important.  Google now considers content on social media to be more important than ever. As a result, ensure that you have a strong online presence on popular social media platforms.

Sharing content on social media on a regular basis can help you increase brand awareness while indirectly supporting your SEO efforts. Facebook and LinkedIn are among the best social media platforms for lawyers because they have the highest return on investment.


Local search usually requires a distinct strategy, but it does not have to be overly complex. Your primary goal should be to increase your visibility in Google’s Local search and have your firm’s information readily available when people search for attorneys in your area. Improve the above-mentioned local search ranking factors.